About the Author

Hey, I’m Taylor. U.S. blogger here. When I’m not burying my head in a book or writing a review for one, I can be found hopelessly trying to teach myself foreign languages (even though I’m the most shy creature you’ll ever meet), stalking other amazing blogs, obsessing over new music (|-/), playing video games (Legend of Zelda nerd here), or most likely befriending a neighborhood pet (huge animal lover).

I love all genres of music, barring all country and most pop. The Killers have been my favorite band since I was six years old (I’m 18 now). My more recent favorite is twenty one pilots–after three years of obsessing I finally saw them live last year (2016) and have been in withdrawal ever since. The artist I’ve been most obsessed with this year is Torres.

My favorite genre of books is fantasy, although, surprisingly, biographies and memoirs have become a recent favorite. People’s lives just fascinate me. For someone so decidedly against TV show and movie remakes, I’m down for any book re-telling based on fairy tales or mythology. My favorite authors include Laini Taylor, Melina Marchetta, V. E. Schwab, George R. R. Martin, and although I did not enjoy her Shiver series, Maggie Stiefvater. I am eternally grateful for Ronan Lynch.

As much as I love Batman, I’m a Marvel girl. My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. I do not have a favorite TV show, but most of my favorites tend to be British. I rarely watch new TV shows and movies, and instead shuffle through (really) old favorites, like Gilmore Girls or House. I watch with subtitles–I know, I know, I’m awful; I guess I just can’t stand to not be reading something.

Hope this semi-silly introduction helped you get an idea of who I am, and I hope to get to know you, too! Comment on or follow my blog; I always need more book-loving friends.

**I also share a blog with my two best friends over on Reviews Cubed, where every week the three of us each post an honest review on a book, TV show, or movie that has recently caught our interest. Feel free to check it out!**