Short Hiatus Announcement

I meant to announce this on Friday, but apparently my scheduled post (this post) didn’t go up as planned, so I’m just counting it as today’s post (and therefore I have missed my first post ever 😩). 

Sadly, I suffer from migraines, and recently I’ve had way more than normal. 😥Unfortunately, they’ve put me behind on my posts, so I’m going to go on a short hiatus in hopes that I can catch up and be back on track again with my regular posts.

This Week’s Plan: On Wednesday (May 31st) I will post my May 2017: Wrap-Up, followed by my June 2017: TBR on Friday (June 2nd).

However, after this week I will go offline for probably about two weeks–unless I’m able to get ahead significantly faster than planned (which would be great)!

I hope to be back as quickly as possible and feel awful that I’m already going on my first hiatus, but hopefully it will allow me to stay ahead and plan better! See you guys soon!

– Taylor


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